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Disability, when framed correctly, can be a competitive advantage in today’s job market. Check out the link below to enjoy a webcast facilitated by Dr. Rosina McAlpine founder of Win Win Parenting. 

As a guest speaker, I provide some strategies for giving your child/teen the best chance at employment success. Is your teen clear on what he/she want to do as a career? Is he/she doing all the right things to get that dream job? Does your teen feel confident to get employment? Does your child/teen have a challenge or disability? Whether your teen is in school or in college, managing the transition from full time education to full time work can be daunting, yet it’s important to get the assistance he/she needs for a strong start.  ​

Six Steps to Self-Confidence and Success:

1      Identifying or clarifying which dream job to target
2.     Determining the education needed for that role
3      Understanding why work experience is important and how to gain work experience
4.     Deciding which job is best – taking abilities and challenges into consideration
5     Uncovering the skills to highlight during job search/interviews
6     Exploring how to manage unexpected challenges and keep your child motivated after         setbacks.

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