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For the past 16 years, I have worked in various roles with families of youth with disabilities. Those experiences include helping to develop a state-wide youth mentoring program in which high school students with disabilities learn from their peers how to better prepare for their transition to adult life, post-secondary education and employment.

It’s essential to emphasize real-life expectations and in turn provide real-life opportunity for learning.  Early developmental experiences are an important consideration given that many individuals with a disability may lack relevant experiences for optimal transition.  As a result, some may develop an attitude that they may not be able to work or have unrealistic expectations or job aspirations.  Further, a lack of exploratory growth during the formative years serves as early indicator that young adults with disabilities may be at an increased risk for deficits in the areas of the steps involved in career development and subsequently have more difficulty in acquiring, retaining or advancing in employment. 

​Abilities First School-to-Work Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring evolved with the belief that young adults with and without disabilities who are working and/or actively involved in their communities can act as excellent role models for youth with disabilities who seek support, practical advice, and/or assistance with problem solving in living independently within their own communities. A Peer Mentor acts not only as a role model, but also as a sounding board for frustrations related to school to work or college to work transitions.  

Counseling Services:  

Individual, Family, Group and Follow up Consultation

Career Readiness Coaching Services: (On-line Training Series) 

Career readiness coaching is available for parents/caregivers of children in grade-school through high school, college and beyond.  The desired outcome is higher self-confidence and self-discovery of the competitive edge their unique experience as an person with a disability provides in today's workplace.

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